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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

To all the Ole Miss students involved in the “riot.” Thank you. Thank you for reminding the world that after fifty years of integration at our beloved university, there are still those here who have views that don’t belong in this century. I’m sorry your daddy’s candidate didn’t win, but that does not give you the right to behave like children. You’ve tarnished the reputation of this school in ways you can’t even comprehend. You’ve made me ashamed to call myself a Rebel. On no level do I want to claim to be a part of the same community as you. So much for fifty years of progress, by behaving like a lynch mob you’ve set Ole Miss and Mississippi back fifty years. Do you remember what happened fifty years ago? A bunch of angry white people were mad at a black man and rioted. Sound familiar? Everyone that took part should be ashamed of themselves. You disgust me. You spit on everything we’ve tried to change about this state. I’ve served in the Army National Guard for almost 6 years and have served with many African Americans. You spit on their service and sacrifice when you behave like a group of white college students from the 1960’s. Thank you SO much for reminding the world that Mississippi still has a closet group of racists in it.

Joshua Barnett
Junior history major