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Letter to the Editor

To the Editors of The Daily Mississippian,

The events on campus during election night were morally reprehensible at a time that should have been, of all things, about moving forward. This is not in reference to the reelected president’s campaign slogan, or favoring one political ideology over the other. The American ideal has always been to strive towards greater things together, as one nation. We disagree, sometimes severely, but we work to achieve a common ground.
There have always been those opposed to compromise, those opposed to change which they believe shakes the norm, and which frightens them. Those who took part in the inane and crass demonstrations on election night were just such frightened people. They fear progress towards a society that is beyond their understanding – one of tolerance, of compromise, of equality and unity.
While coverage of this immaturity is necessary, there is a limit to the attention these students deserve. We as a university have moved forward tonight with the candlelight march. We’ve responded to the hatred and the callousness with poise and dignity. Whether the national media chooses to cover this as heavily as their past skewed takes on us is anyone’s guess. What is important is that we as Mississippians know who we are, where we stand, and where we are going.
We have given these students more than the amount of time they deserve. To dwell on this any longer is to provide them with a sense of relevance and a sense of purpose which they do not possess. It is time for Mississippi to continue its progress together – to accept the difficulties we have experienced in the past, and focus on the unique future we will create for ourselves.

Andy Paul
Class of 2012