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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

There will be lots to say about the events on campus on election night over the coming days... and years. As the University of Mississippi seemingly proves that it is indeed the backwards and racist place the rest of the nation believes it to be, I am ashamed and disgusted. That this incident should fall on the 50th anniversary of integration and the 1962 riot only makes it worse. This will not soon be forgiven or forgotten. And it’s a crying shame.
It’s a crying shame that students at the University of Mississippi must carry the taint of its troubled past. It’s a crying shame that the progress the university has made counts for nothing when something like this happens. It’s a crying shame that the use of “racism” and “Ole Miss” in the same sentence catapults our university into the national headlines. And it’s a crying shame that myself and thousands of students like me will have to defend our university to friends and colleagues out of state because of the actions of a gang of embittered, irresponsible people.
This is not why I chose the University of Mississippi. I came here because my father and my grandfather are Mississippians and because I wanted to be a part of that heritage. I chose it because of the outstanding faculty, because of its historic charm and beauty, and because Oxford felt like a safe, positive place to be. That’s the University of Mississippi I want the nation to see. And that’s what I want employers to see when they read: “PhD, University of Mississippi” on my CV.

Amy Fluker
Third year PhD candidate