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Let loose and enjoy the good times


“Dance like there’s no tomorrow.” This clichéd quote is one that I include in my life as often as possible. If you ask any of my friends, they will quickly tell you that I absolutely love to dance. Hopefully, they’ll tell you that I’m an extremely good dancer, too. 

Lately, I’ve danced quite frequently, but I’m certainly not complaining. My most memorable dance experience would have to be in the Grove Friday night at the Gavin DeGraw and Craig Morgan concert. There is nothing more relaxing and fun than dancing in the rain with your friends. You really should try it sometime; I think it should be on everyone’s bucket list to dance in the rain. 

Dancing has always been a part of my life. From being a student in ballroom dance lessons to teaching dance classes, I have mostly done it all. Everyone needs a form of artistic expression in his or her life, and dancing is mine. I’m able to move freely and do what I want — things that don’t occur too often in our hectic, scheduled lives. 

While we all need a form of artistic expression, we also need a stress reliever in our lives. I should be more accurate here: We need a safe, healthy stress reliever. 

Many times I go over to do homework at a friend’s apartment and we end up dancing halfway through the night, taking a break from whatever we happen to be working on. Then, and don’t judge me for this, it’s a pretty common occurrence for me to turn up the music and dance in my own apartment. Yes, I may look a bit silly or crazy (both of which I am), but I enjoy this time to just let go and relax during a busy week. Dancing while folding laundry is also a common activity of mine; you’ve got to find some way to make laundry enjoyable. 

Life is too short to sit around and be boring all the time. The popular phrase “YOLO” comes to mind here. While I can’t bring myself to seriously use this phrase in public, I think it would fit well here. 

If I could give a bit of advice, it would be not to let your dancing or other stress relievers become a burden. I’ve choreographed multiple performances and recently assisted in choreographing an entire show. These are the types of situations where your fun activity becomes a stressor in itself. It’s perfectly fine for work and play to mix on occasion, but for the most part, I prefer my work life and my personal or relaxing life to be filled with something different. 

So, I’ve learned that dancing should not be a major part of my professional life because I don’t enjoy it as much when this occurs. You should take out particular time to enjoy the things that make you happy or that you enjoy; that’s why I take time out to dance. 

Whether you are dancing, running, laughing, swimming or doing whatever calms you, make sure to do it often. Life is too short, so enjoy the small things and have a good time. This is something we all have to remember, me especially, as we move into the final few weeks of the spring semester. 

So, as we prepare for finals week, don’t forget to take breaks from studying and your busy life and just dance! 

Adam Blackwell is a sophomore public policy leadership major from Natchez. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBlackwell1.