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As Freshman deal with new construction, Stockard and Martin take on a new look

Jon Haywood

Moving in isn’t the only important even on The University of Mississippi’s campus this week, as the renovations on the Stockard and Martin Halls are underway.
Due to age and weathering that the buildings have endured, the Institution for Higher Learning has decided that construction is needed. The constructions to the building are being conducted in five different phases, which will create a safer, modern version of the two halls. Stockard and Martin will undergo scaffolding, a brick removal, a weather coating (a coating that is applied onto the area where brick has been removed to instill a more weather-resistant structure), a brick replacement and a window replacement.
The purpose of the entire project is to create a more weatherproof and better insulated residence for students.
Construction for the project began in June 2012 and is expected to end in June 2013.
With Stockard and Martin halls holding 510 students each, one would think construction during the year would cause many complaints, but the university has made preparations to counter this.
The Department of Student Housing has declared that no construction will be done during midterms, the last week of classes and finals week. If students are having trouble with studying in their dormitory, there are over 10 alternate areas on campus that provide satisfactory study environments. Accident-proof tunnels have even been added onto the front and back of both buildings to ensure the safety of people entering and exiting the building at all times.
The university has hired more security to patrol the area during hours of operation and has hired builders who have passed in depth background screenings, as well.
“The construction didn’t affect the move in at all,” said Anna Simms, a special education major from Marietta, Ga., “Everything seemed well-run, well-organized and not stressful at all.”
The previous cost for a Stockard and Martin double room was $4,150, but there will be no raise in the cost of residency for the two buildings for the 2012-13 school year.
“The renovations being made to Stockard and Martin halls will not affect rooming size or styles, but the outer foundation of the buildings will be changed,” Assistant Director for Housing Jennifer McClure said.
With move-in week and construction occurring at the same time, it may seem that the two events would conflict. Instead, the university has gone to extensive measures to inform Stockard and Martin residents of the renovations being done.
“During the year I may hear noises from time to time from the construction,” Glen O’Reilly, a Stockard resident from Pickens, said. “But last week I had a problem in my room, and maintenance was more than eager to assist me.”
Residents of Stockard and Martin have been notified through email communications and can be updated on any events via Facebook, Twitter or Channel 80.
“The construction being done should not affect anyone on move-in day because housing has worked toward notifying families and students about it in ample amount of time,” McClure said. “Students or residents with inconveniences will be assisted by housing in the most helpful way.”
For more information on the construction being done at Stockard and Martin, visit http://www.olemiss.edu/depts/stu_housing.
For further questions, contact the university’s Department of Housing at Lester Hall, (662)-915-7328, or email them at housing@olemiss.edu.