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The era of choice


I was just watching “Sex and the City 2,” my favorite of the two movies, and the flashbacks took me back to a time when I was first discovering fashion. 

The luscious fabrics, the endless possibilities — it almost made me feel like a little girl playing dress up in my mom’s old clothes again.

It seems as if each decade has a specific look it was famous for.  

In the ‘20s, it was simple and chic, the ‘30s was boyish charm, the ‘40s was influenced by World War II, the ‘50s was all about poodle skirts and leather, the ‘60s brought mod to the forefront and the ‘70s brought bold prints and Bohemian charm. With the ‘80s came sportswear and shoulder pads, and the ‘90s had ... nothing good. 

But what about the new millennium? Do we have a signature style?

To me, we live in the greatest era. It is the era of choice, the era of creativity. 

Never before has fashion been so eclectic and filled with so many different styles and decisions. 

In the new millennium, fashion is all about you.

It’s about pairing decades together to create your own look, your own signature style. 

We are no longer bound to one idea of what fashion is supposed to be.

And by fashion, I don’t mean wearing the best and most expensive designer clothes because for most, it’s not realistic to spend $500 on a blouse. 

Study magazines. Study the runways and find trends that you like and silhouettes that suit you and incorporate those into your wardrobe. 

For example, the designer trio of Missoni will be launching a collaboration with Target this fall. 

Rosita, Angela and Margherita have created a wonderful fall collection full of ‘70s-inspired prints with everything from furniture to sweaters. 

Finish off the ‘70s trend with a pair of wide-leg jeans, or mix it up and pair a printed sweater with a pair of cigarette pants for a more modern look. 

Now, for those of you just starting out in the fashion world, ‘70s prints can be a bit scary, so start small with a scarf or a ballet flat. Or choose an entirely different decade all together.

The ‘20s and ‘30s are great for the jeans and T-shirt kind of girls. 

Try simple silhouettes like Calvin Klein’s latest collection shone on the red carpets this year on stars like Emma Stone, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence.

For those of you who love a great leather jacket, channel the ‘60s. Pair a motorcycle-style jacket with skinny jeans, pumps and maybe a scarf or statement necklace for a little oomph and modern twist. 

The beauty of living in an era where we have so many choices when it comes to clothes is that you can take the trends from the decades you love and mesh them with more modern trends to create a truly fabulous and unique ensemble. 

When deciding what to wear in the morning, think of your body as your canvas. Be inspired by something, and react to it. 

Whether it’s a movie, a painting, a book or a random person walking down the street, get inspired. Take a risk. Fashion should be fun, not a chore ... or a bore. 

Trends will still come and go, but there will always be the possibility of choice, the possibility of making our childhood dress up days come true. 

You may not like your wardrobe choice 20 years from now, but the way I look at it, isn’t it more fun to know you took a chance? Even if it didn’t exactly work out the way you envisioned, you made a choice and not everyone can say they had the confidence to do that. 

Manolo Blahnik once said, “About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.” 

Be crazy. Go insane. And don’t be afraid to make a choice.