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An article about freshman enrollment on the front page of the June 6 Daily Mississippian contained misleading information.
Associate Provost Noel Wilkin said the university implemented a new process this year that makes it misleading to compare this year's number of admitted students to last year's number. The university has begun asking admitted students if they will enroll. Once a student indicates that he or she does not intend to enroll, that student is no longer counted in the number of admitted students.
The article also incorrectly stated that the Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) Board voted to change out-of-state requirements. The board gave all eight state public institutions approval to “make appropriate admissions decisions from among the pool of qualified, non-resident applicants in light of institutional capacity.” All students, including non-resident students applying to Ole Miss, must still meet the IHL requirements in order to be considered. Those non-residents who meet these requirements but have a GPA lower than 2.5 or an ACT score below 20 will be asked to submit a supplemental application. The applications will be reviewed by a committee. Admissions decisions will then be made based on institutional capacity and recommendations of the committee. Students who meet the IHL requirements and who do not undergo review by the admissions committee are not necessarily guaranteed admission; other factors, including a criminal record, may still prevent a student from being admitted, Wilkin said.
The number of admitted freshmen in the article was based on data available as of May 26. The university continues to receive applications and admit students.