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'Come go with us' prepares to light up Oxford with southern rock

BY CHRIS BUCK AND CAROLINE LEE | Features Writer and Lifestyles Editor

In the South, it’s never a tough task to find good Southern rock.

Tonight, look no further than Thacker Mountain Radio or Proud Larry’s as the up-and-coming act Come On Go With Us is back in Oxford for the fifth time in 15 months.

“We feel that Oxford is a cool town that offers a great market for original music,” Chris Hurt, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, said. “We’ve had great shows in Oxford in the past.”

Hurt, Chase McGill, Dustin Hedrick, Jacob Simpson and Taylor Mills comprise the year-and-a-half old band, and each hails from Mississippi or Alabama, ranging from Ripley to Mobile.

As one might expect, they are no strangers to the Southern rock scene as they were raised being surrounded by the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers.

Naturally the sound of Come On Go With Us echoes the aforementioned greats.

These similarities have garnered Come On Go With Us a steady following as it continues its tour around Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and other surrounding states.

While on the road, the band has evidently enjoyed soaking in the different sounds of these music hotbeds by implementing country, bluegrass and blues alongside its Southern rock base.

They will have plenty of time to play shows and allow their songs to evolve as their tour continues.

“We will be on the road until we break to record our next album. We hope to record it in early 2010,” Hurt said.

While members of Come On Go With Us would be the first to say that they are a rock and roll band, it is apparent at first listen that both country and folk rock have a significant presence in the band’s sound.

The 1960s folk-rock group The Band has a lot to do with this sound, as members of Come On Go With Us began listening to them at a very early age.

Their song, “Please Don’t” mirrors The Band’s slow Southern sound. The song begins with acoustic guitar, violin and the slow plucking of a banjo.

Also included is a subtle slide guitar, which emulates the essence of good country rock.

Come On Go With Us’ song “Figured Me Out” follows this model as well, and “Please Don’t” features acoustic and slide guitars paired with tight harmonies.

The band also makes use of the piano in “Run and Hide,” which features a slow, rich melody graced again by tight harmony.

Much of the band’s popularity stems from the members’ deep Southern roots, but it is also important to note Come On Go With Us’ interactive stage presence.

The band thrives on communicating with the audience throughout the show, which makes any act entertaining to see.

Hurt stressed that the band is on stage to ensure that the listeners are having fun.
He also said that the band had a lot of people dancing at a show at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, N.C. and received an encore.

This, Hurt said, was one of the band’s most interesting concert experiences.

Add Come On Go With Us’ stage presence to the talented musicianship of the group, and the end product results in a dynamic concert in an intimate bar setting, which will certainly not disappoint.

The band will play at Thacker Mountain Radio, which begins at 6 p.m. and admission is free.

The show at Proud Larry’s will begin at 10 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door.