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Clinique searches for 'fresh faces' at Ole Miss

Aline Carambat

As part of a national search to find three college women who exemplify modern-day beauty, Clinque and Teen Vogue have teamed up to create “The 2009 Fresh Faces Tour,” and will be at the University of Mississippi until 7 p.m. Friday.

“We chose this university because it really fits in with who Clinque and Teen Vogue is all about,” Clinque expert makeup artist Christine Valenti said. “It’s just really fun, and it gives the students a chance to receive star quality treatment.”

The tour is a partnership between Teen Vogue and Clinque as well as a contest to look for three fresh female faces who capture the essence of Clinique and Teen Vogue.

The winners will be awarded the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a genuine New York experience.

“We’re looking for fun, youthful, clean, naturally pretty girls,” Valenti said. The process is simple, she said.

After participants register, they get the opportunity to choose which look would be best for them according to skintone. There are a variety of looks to choose from, ranging from “naturally pretty” to a more dramatic look.

Next, the girls are invited to relax in the mobile studio’s lounge area, where they get the chance to look at past photographs from the tour while their skin is prepped.

From there, participants are sent over to one of Clinique’s dream team makeup artists where the look they chose will be applied.

To wrap up the experience, the girls are sent to a hairstylist where they receive a little “fluff” and have their photo taken by a professional photographer.

“It’s a really great process because after their photo is taken, the participants get to choose one of three photographs taken of them to be uploaded to the contest,” Valenti said. “They also get their picture e-mailed back to them and get to view their
photo on our Web Site www.cliniquefreshfaces.com.”

More than 100 participants have been part of the tour so far, and more are expected as they finish up their tour at Ole Miss.

“I’m really enjoying the experience,” freshman Kerry Robinson said. “It’s a great way to really learn how to apply your makeup.”