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The Chancellor and me

chancellor Dan Jones took a walk for some one-on-one time with students on tuesday and addressed the importance of relationships.
Quentin Winstine

Tuedsay afternoon, about 20 students gathered on the Lyceum steps for a chance to walk and talk with Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones.

The walk went from the Lyceum, to the Walk of Cham- pions, to the Phi Mu fountain and back to the Lyceum.

Chancellor Jones said that relationships he builds with students are very important to him.

“This walk is a recognition of that relationship and a formal way for us to spend some time together in a special week,” he said.

“I love that our studentswant this to be a good and strong place.”

Management senior Kishan Gopal, who walked and talked with Jones for a good 10 minutes, said it was a great personal connection and that it was important for the student body to feel in touch with its chancellor.

“He is listening to not, say, our problems or issues, but just what we have to say,” Gopal said. “I feel like that’s what makes us a bigger family, is that we feel closer to all hierarchy of the university.”

Gopal said that during his walk with Jones, progression was the main topic, along with affirmative action.

“He just wanted to see everyone’s view on that,” he said. “One of the views I have is that we’re definitely not ready to do away with affirmative action and (with helping) the university and society as a whole keep progressing.”

As the walk concluded, Jones informed the students on how impressed guest speakers are with the students when they come on campus. In particular, he discussed a “gracious” letter he received from Harry Belafonte after his visit to Ole Miss.

“What he talked about was the people,” he said. “How much he enjoyed interacting with everyone, primarily the students.”

With it being Homecoming Week, Jones encouraged students to seek out relation- ships with alumni because they will help in the future with career advice and possible jobs.

“The thing that has impressed me so much about the Ole Miss experience is how important relationships are in a sustained way,” he said. “Homecoming Week is a great way to build relationships.”