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ASB Student Elections result in runoff for Col. Reb and Queen

Austin McAfee

Last night with over 500 people in attendance at the the Lyceum, the results for Homecoming Queen, Colonel Reb and Miss Ole Miss were announced. With over 4,689 votes cast, the winner for Homecoming Queen and Colonel Reb could not be decided. Homecoming Queen candidate Ashleigh Davis edged Courtney Pearson by .34 percent of the vote, but it was not enough to prevent a runoff. Colonel Reb candidate Austin Harrison came away with 43.99 percent of the vote, while his competitor Doug Odom had 33.63 percent of the vote to force another runoff. According to an ASB attorney general Matthew Kiefer, “The candidates will be running tomorrow through the dorms from 7 to 10 p.m. and they are allowed to campaign as much as they want between now and then. They have to stay against the expanse of the Circle, the Union plaza and over near the Fulton Triangle. But it will be very similar. They will be able to do the same things, and there are no special events. It’s just getting out there and meeting people, and for that it will be whoever gets the most votes will be the winner.” Margaret Ann Morgan won the Miss Ole Miss election with 65.2 percent of the vote. Morgan is a senior journalism major and an anchor for NewsWatch. As Miss Ole Miss, Morgan will soon choose a charity to back her title and be a representative of the university. “To have the title of Miss Ole Miss means I’m representing each and every person that has made my Ole Miss experience what it is, and it just means that I am now a representation of the university,” Morgan said. “And I could not pick a better university to represent as Miss Ole Miss.” Freshman Amber Murphy, sophomore Britt Buchanan, junior Betsy Baird and senior Mackenzie Lowery were elected class maids. Tyler McBeth, John Bobo, Kegan Coleman, David Horton and John Newman were named male campus favorites. Mary Love Fair, Virginia England, Emily LoveJoy, Jennie Katherine Ellis and Mary Margaret Johnson were all named female campus favorites.