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Access over highway 6

Aside from the green line, pedestrians and cyclists face many difficulties crossing Highway 6. With a growing number of students living south along Old Taylor Road, the lack of a suitable crossing point on either of the nearby overpasses (Old Taylor and Coliseum Drive) places pedestrians and cyclists to face either of the bridges and the dangers therein.
The difficulty is that this stretch across the bridge leaves a paltry space between the pedestrian and a thirty-foot drop down to Highway 6.
While during the whole crossing, half-ton machines whiz by with regularity – have you ever encountered a speeding motorist while crossing Old Taylor?
I have, and the sheer panic of feeling that much closer to the edge brings about recollections one doesn’t want to have.
Of course, Oxford University Transit (O.U.T.) does run the green line over Old Taylor, but the volume of riders in the afternoon discourages one from relying on the bus.
As student-favorable housing continues growing down Old Taylor (University Trails, Taylor Bend, The Mark etc.), that bridge over Highway 6 becomes a choke point. Streetlights or roundabouts are needed, certainly more O.U.T. buses, and some sort of pedestrian and/or a bike lane over the bridge.
With the growing volume of students and the lack of parking on campus, alternative methods of transportation must be used, or else we will all move like sludge getting to and from the classroom.
Will I get a tardy slip, like in high school, if the bus runs late or if there isn’t any room left? Attention faculty: “Bus No. 79 ran late this morning. Please excuse these students as they enter the classroom.” I think not.
For what it’s worth, the bike lane along Old Taylor exists on both sides of the bridge but not on the bridge itself. Thus, we see a bike-friendly community that did not carry out its vision at Old Taylor bridge. How many students live down Old Taylor? How many cyclists?
Since the bike lane is there, I can only assume that someone has a plan to sort this mess out. But then again, I prayed that we would find out how to make more on-campus parking over the summer and I was left in the clouds hoping.
The greater concern here goes beyond overcrowded buses and screwy bike lanes. My concern is this: Does the university truly have my safety and positive learning environment in mind?
I understand that during times of growth, we all must sacrifice our selfish wants and desires so that the wealth can be spread around to all. Give a little now, get more later. I understand this relationship.
However, we knew that with dramatic growth in student numbers the system would become stressed. Classrooms would become crowded, parking would become limited, and we would all get to do the penguin walk between classes like this is Times Square.
OK, I get it – now, where are the plans to fix this ship before our keel breaks? I know that we’ve renovated buildings (or built new ones), added or shifted parking where we could, but the facts show that we’re still lacking. It wasn’t enough. So are we truly ready for this many students?

Daniel Purdy is an English senior from Oxford.