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Letter — support our student athletes


Dear Editor,


It seems like everyone is talking about the Ole Miss loss to Vanderbilt.

First of all, I know we lost.

We lost 30-7.

We lost to Vanderbilt.

I still don’t see a reason here for Ole Miss students and fans to degrade our athletes. I know it sucks that State fans are having a ball with this, especially since they’ve been acting like National Champions ever since they beat Memphis, but really guys? If we don’t support our team, who the heck will? We are a UNIVERSITY, not a football team, and those guys out there, they work their butts off every single day. They’re also not just football players. They’re students trying to get an education. They’re our neighbors, friends, and classmates.  They may have lost a football game, but they don’t deserve to have us telling them that they suck and we could do their job better than they could. I understand that if a team isn’t doing well, we have to step up and respond to that, but there’s a right way to do that, and there’s a wrong way to do that.

So the next time we lose a game, have a little faith in our team. Because if I had a bunch of people telling me how much I suck, I wouldn’t be very motivated to go out there and win it for them either.

I love Ole Miss, I love Oxford, and I love the people here. That’s why I chose to come here. This is a great place to live and a great place for football. We all know that. But let’s be the classy folks we are and focus our negative comments on State instead. They make it so much easier to hate them anyway.


Sarah Harden

Junior Journalism major