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Commercial Appeal's Kyle Veazey shares his thoughts on Freeze

What I remember most about that afternoon isn't so much about the kind of football they played as it was the kind of excitement the community had about the team. The radio guy was hyping it up big-time driving in. Said it was the biggest game there in 25 years. A hotel by the bypass had "FEEL THE FREEZE" painted on the window. That sort of stuff.

Granted, Jonesboro is a different kind of community than Oxford in terms of its expectations for its local football team, and the Sun Belt and the SEC are, well, so vastly different. I also remember the postgame news conference, and the feeling of family that you could sense. Players talked about it.

The cynic in me would say that of course it's easy to foster family (and, really, what is that?) when you win 10 games. Try doing that while losing 10 games. And I guess that's a big challenge for Hugh Freeze. But at least in Jonesboro, he seemed to have it down pat.

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