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What would you do if you were a student in 1962 during the riots surrounding James Meredith and the integration of the university?

“I don’t know what I would do. I would probably go to another school.” Kristen Waldrop, Junior Journalism Major
“I think I personally would have supported it because I think that it is very important to be progressive and to pay attention to what is happening now.” Haleigh Newman, Sophomore English Major
“I’m sure I would be fearful if there were only a few like me on campus. It would be hard to feel empowered if I were in that small of a minority.” Deidra Jackson, Instructor of Journalism
“I would have supported it whole-heartedly” Dr. James Bos, Instructor of Religion
“I am honestly not sure. I am not from that time period. I’ve always been taught by my family that race is not a big deal.” Colin Preston, Sophomore English Major
“I would hope that I would have been one of the ones who showed tolerance and accepted James Meredith into our school.” Evan Moynaham, Freshman Criminal Justice Major
“If I were here at that time, I don’t know what I would have done: If I would have acted just as all of the other students or if I would have been someone to break through and set new molds for the times at Ole Miss.” Sean McClure, Senior Chinese Major
“I think I would have been excited but humbled as well because he took that one step to make it possible for African-Americans to be able to come to a this school. I would have applauded him.” Christina Harris, Freshman Social Work Major
“I would have been ecstatic and excited to finally get an opportunity to get a free education and to be among people and actually be treated as a human being.” Brandon Westbrook, Sophomore Management Information Systems Major
“I would have been torn between decisions on what to decide. My family has lived in the South for years, but my personal belief is that all people should be treated equally.” Kayla Howe, Senior Graphic Design Major