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Ward cleared, Rebels prepare for Saturday scrimmage

The Ole Miss football team had another successful practice on Friday morning inside the friendly confines of the Indoor Practice Facility, and afterwards, head coach Hugh Freeze received some good news.
The Rebels received word that Channing Ward -- one of Ole Miss' most high-profiled signees -- had been cleared by the NCAA and will now join the team. Ward can begin practicing in full pads on Tuesday. 
Freeze described the process as frustrating. 
"Great young man from [a] great family," Freeze tweeted from his Twitter account. 
Coaching staff turns up the volume 
Freeze and his staff filled the IPF Friday morning with deafening crowd noise over the audio system at the end of practice. The head man hopes that this will prepare the team for future tests during the season.
“We have to go to some stadiums that I suspect will be loud,” Freeze said. “Iʼve been in a few of them. We just have to find people who can keep their poise.”
Freshman offensive lineman Justin Bell said the noise was handled well by the team.
“I feel like we handled it pretty good,” Bell said. “We went silent count today, so we needed it in practice so we could get used to it, especially when we start playing teams like Alabama and LSU. I thought our composure was handled well. We got our calls in and plays in and we communicated well up front.”
Rebels get set for final scrimmage of camp
Ole Miss will hold their final scrimmage of fall camp Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., and Freeze is looking forward to the opportunity to see his team and improve in certain areas.
"[I want to see] fewer negative plays offensively for sure," Freeze said. "I thought last Saturday the energy wasnʼt that great. I hope our energy is a little more cranked up. Itʼs our preseason game number two, so itʼs another opportunity for us to go through our entire pregame.”
Freeze said he isnʼt sure how many plays will be run, but he and his staff will be looking to fill the hour and thirty minute scrimmage with as much as possible.
“There will be some situations," Freeze said. "Weʼll start with special teams, do that some live. Weʼll drive from the 30 some. Then, weʼll put it at midfield, the red zone and go into the overtime period.”
Freeze also said that he is happy with what he has gotten out of this fall camp so far, but that the injury bug has played a major factor in this yearʼs camp.
“I think our attitude and effort is great,” Freeze said. “I wish we were healthier, but there are a lot of teams that feel that way. Just wish we were healthier with guys we are counting on.”
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