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Superintendent on medical leave

Brian Harvey, assistant superintdendent, has stepped in as acting superintendent of the Oxford School District while Dr. Kim Stasny is on medical leave.

“There hasn’t been time for any sort of transition period,” Harvey said.

 “Right now we are trying to get this school year finished up and start making preparations for next year.”

Stasny was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this month, after reporting a slight vision problem.


Buddy Chain, Oxford school board president said Stasny made it through her surgery and is recovering well.

Her follow up treatment is expected to take approximately six to eight weeks and will begin shortly. The earliest she is expected to return to work is June.

Chain said this is the busiest time of year for the school district.
“The next couple of months will be a busy time for Mr. Harvey, the other administrators of the district, the teachers and the support staff,” Chain said.   
Currently, school closing activities are taking place and preparations for the new school year are beginning.
In addition, teacher and staff recruitment for position openings will be finalized and a regular summer maintenance program will be developed and implemented.
The district is also in the early stages of the renovation and building of area schools.

Della Davidson Elementary and Oxford Middle School will soon begin renovations that will add classrooms to the schools.

Oxford Middle School will also begin the demolition of their current gym and start building a replacement facility.

The early stages of construction of a new school for Oxford High will also soon be underway.

Chain said one of the most important tasks of the school district will be undertaking in the next couple of months is developing a budget for the 2011-2012 school year.  

“The transition to Brian Harvey as acting superintendent of the Oxford School District is going extremely well,” Chain said.

“As assistant superintendent he was closely involved in virtually all of the administrative activities of the district and therefore has substantial knowledge of the ongoing program and projects.”