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Soul Food: Devastating Divas in the Kitchen

courtesy of Celesia Blackmon

Imagine your typical Thanksgiving. There is a perfectly cooked turkey, friends and family all around, succulent honey ham, mouth-watering stuffing and the best pecan pie you’ve ever tasted. Shouldn’t everybody have an opportunity to enjoy that? Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to enjoy what most of us enjoy yearly.
The Lambda Sigma chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority saw fit to spend its break in Oxford to help those who would have gone without the Thanksgiving experience this year.
Over the break, the Deltas hosted their 31st annual Thanksgiving dinner for the community at large. People gathered at the Stone Center to get a nice and hot home-cooked meal on a cold day.
Second Vice President Celesia Blackmon said in a press release that her organization does this because they realized that some people don’t have the opportunity to have a Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner.
“We’re happy to oblige a family that was truly in need of a hot meal,” Blackmon said. “We are a sorority that is all about serving the community.
“We reached out to the community during the holiday season because some people will not receive dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.”
When asked about the atmosphere in the Stone Center on the day of the dinner, the senior English major said that it was amazing to see so many people come out to feed families in need.
“Knowing that a family was able to dine in at the Stone Center and take food home to have for later, made the day all the more satisfying for our organization,” she said.
The preparation for the event was quite time consuming, Blackmon said. Fundraising started in August with gathering donations from local businesses and other organizations.
Even with the huge turnout the Deltas had, the organization still had enough food left over. Instead of just taking it home themselves or leaving it out, they went out to the local fire and police departments to give the leftovers to on-duty officers and firemen.
After giving away masses of food to these local departments, the members still had leftovers. The Deltas finally got rid of all the food they cooked when they gave to the local nursing home in the community.
Not only did the Thanksgiving dinner benefit the community at large, it also brought these sorority members even closer than they already were.
“It was a great bonding experience; it took a lot of teamwork and it helped me get to know my sisters even more than I already do,” Blackmon said.
When the question of future plans came up, Blackmon mentioned Heart Health week that will take place sometime in January.