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Residential College takes care of temperature problem

When the season changes, people usually adjust to new temperatures but, at least in the Residential College South, the adjustment was a bit unexpected.
As students came back in from the winter break, those at the RC faced not only an unusual heat outside, but inside the building as well.
“On the first day we got here, we could not sleep,” undecided sophomore Austin Wheeler said. “It was way too hot.”
While students are able to control the temperature in their rooms within a few degrees, for many, that wasn’t enough.
“At one point the temperature was close to 80 degrees,” said biology sophomore Cipriano Apicelli, who also serves as the RC dining committee chair.
For others, it wasn’t that much of a problem.
“Sometimes it is uncomfortable, but if it is too cold we can always use blankets and if it is too hot, we can put them away,” Elsie Okoye, geological engineering junior, said.
Complaints began stacking up, despite the varying opinion among residents.
“We had tons of complaints about it,” said residential assistant Katie Williamson, senior in art, anthropology and journalism. “People had to open windows and use fans. I told them to email the maintenance group.”
The culprit behind the discomfort was an automation, which was invalidated by the uncharacteristic warm weather.
“Based on an assumed need, the system lowers the median temperature in summer and raises it in winter,” Daniel O’Sullivan, RC senior fellow and French professor, said. “This winter it didn’t need to heat the building, but it did it automatically. Now we are readjusting the median temperature to make it comfortable for everyone.”
Residents can adjust the individual room thermostats within a certain range above and below a given median temperature.
“Thermostats vary only so much for conserving energy and environmental reasons,” O’Sullivan said.
Gradually, the core temperature of the building is going down, and residents are feeling better.
“Every few days the temperature lowered a bit more,” said RC South vice president Madison Stewart, who is a sophomore international studies major. “I think by Wednesday we will be able to set a normal temperature in the rooms. Now we can get it down to 70, but not more.”