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Rebel Pedals transitioning to long-term rentals

In an effort to improve the overall quality of the program, Rebel Pedals is in the process of switching from day-by-day use to a longer rental goal.
Shannon Richardson, assistant director of campus recreation, said the original day-use Bike Share program was designed to change the bike culture on campus.
“The original program allowed students to rent a bike daily and experience how easy and convenient it is to use a bicycle as transportation on and near campus,” she said. “However, program statistics showed that the same people were renting bikes each day instead of trying it out for a few days and then buying their own.”
This was happening because of the inconvenience of having to come back to the office and check the bikes in and out, instead of having a smart card system, Richardson said.
“The original goal of the program was not being met,” she said.
Though the goal was not being met, the administrators found there was a “great need” for an accessible bike sharing program on the campus.
Starting this spring the administrators of the program decided to change the program to a semester-long rental program that is designed to provide bicycles to students in the interim until they can start using a smart-card system, which would then allow the program to met its original goal of quick use bike-share.
Once a bike is rented by a student it becomes his or her responsibility and a lost or stolen bike could cost the student $300, according to Rebel Pedals.
This announcement comes right alongside the announcement of the changes for the Bike Give Back program, which takes abandoned bikes picked up by the University Police Department, fixes them and gives them to students who don’t have a consistent mode of transportation.
The program will also hold two bike care seminars to help members and other bike riders to learn the proper mechanics of fixing a bike. They will also hold community bike rides, lead by faculty members and other students, in order to promote bike safety and rules of the road.
For more information visit bike.olemiss.edu or email rebelpedals@olemiss.edu.