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Public humiliation 101 with Weiner and Blago


Welcome to public humiliation 101 taught by former Rep. Anthony Weiner and former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. In this class, you will learn how to make terrible decisions, leave tracks to get caught and ultimately be utterly humiliated in front of billions of people. Everyone qualifies for this class and anyone can be publicly humiliated if they take these quick and easy steps. 

These professors are very experienced and qualified in the field, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Lesson one: making bad decisions. 

We do things that we shouldn’t — it’s human nature. We eat the rest of the bag of potato chips even after we have had plenty. We go 80 in a 70 mile an hour zone even if it is against the law. We slack off at work sometimes even if it is against the rules. 

Professors Weiner and Blago are also no strangers to making bad decisions. One sent inappropriate pictures and text messages to a woman that isn’t his wife and the other tried to auction off a spot in the United States Senate — both while holding publicly elected jobs. If you want to truly learn how to be publicly humiliated, you must make a bad decision. 

Lesson two: leaving obvious evidence of the bad decisions. 

A wise person once told me, “Don’t write it on paper if you don’t want your mother to see it.” Professors Weiner and Blago obviously did not heed this warning very well. Both men used electronic “paper” to leave their evidence trails. 

Weiner used Twitter and text and picture messages over his cellular phone to carry out his less than orthodox behavior. 

Blago used email and telephone calls to auction off the spot on the U.S. Senate. Both men used things that are easier to track than paper. I somehow doubt their mothers would approve of their behavior.

Lesson three: locking the humiliation down.

“The truth will set you free.” Though the truth might not always set you free, it will allow you a little more freedom than you already have. Professors Weiner and Blago can definitely vouch for that statement. Weiner denied the allegations from the beginning, claiming that the media put a raunchy spin on a not-so-raunchy occurrence. 

Blago literally spent thousands of dollars on a redemption tour in which he tried to convince the public that all the allegations against him were false. For one of our professors, the pressure became too much. Weiner has admitted his wrongdoing, resigned from public office and admitted himself into rehab. 

Though Blago denied the allegations against him, he was removed from office. Though both “professors” swore they did no wrong, Weiner admitted his wrongdoing and Blago was recently found guilty on 17 charges in federal court. Professor Weiner lost his job and wrecked his family life and Blago lost his job and could spend up to 300 years in prison.

If you want to be publicly humiliated and lose everything, study these easy lessons. The beauty of this course is that the test comes when you least expect it. The bad part of the course is that if you pass the test, you fail. Public humiliation can occur on any scale, regardless if you are a publicly elected official. 

Posting inappropriate things to your Twitter or Facebook accounts can end in public humiliation. 

It is nothing for a potential employer to Google search your name and discover your social media accounts that are full of embarrassing and inappropriate things. Always think about what you post because once you post it, it is there forever. 

Stay after class to ask the “professors” questions about their experiences. If you take your shirt off for a Twit Pic and brush your hair like Justin Bieber, you are likely to receive extra credit.



Adam Ganucheau is a sophomore journalism major from Hazlehurst, Miss. Follow him on Twitter @GanucheauAdam.