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Parking, center lines to return to campus

Petre Thomas


The University Police Department has announced that there will be continued work on the roads this summer, and this week they will begin painting lines back on the roads.

The project, which is being coordinated by the physical plant office, is being started up to put center lines, perpendicular lines, parking places and crosswalks back on roads that were repaved over the summer. 

The roads are Grove Loop, Student Union Drive, Cross Street and in the Union parking lot. 

The roads were repaved in order to improve driving conditions for the upcoming academic year. 

Linda Christian, manager of parking services at the University Police Department, said they are unsure of which roads will be repainted on which days. 

Christian said they hope to be done with the project by the end of the week.

Nick Zorbino, a junior computer science major, said he is glad that the project is getting done now instead of during the fall.

“(The construction) has been a minor inconvenience this summer,” he said. “But it is better to deal with it now then in the fall when all of the students are here.”

Having uniform parking lines by the Union is what Zorbino is looking forward to the most. 

He said that without the lines, people are just making up their own parking spaces.

“I saw a motorcycle park sideways, taking up what would have been three spaces in a normal parking lot,” Zorbino said. “It is just a big mess out there right now.”

Christian said the time line for the completion of the project may be delayed if there are problems with the weather, though three of the next four days have only a 10 percent chance of rain. 

Wednesday has a 30 percent chance of precipitation, posing the biggest threat for delaying the project.