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Oxford School District begins search for superintendent

Oxford City Schools have officially begun the search for the new superintendent of education and plan to have a new one in place by the end of February 2012.

Oxford City Schools have officially begun the search for the new superintendent of education and plan to have a new one in place by the end of February 2012.
“I do have high expectations not only for the school district that I’ve been part of and graduated from, but I have high expectations for the school district that my children are a part of and hopefully will graduate from as well,” Brian Harvey, Oxford School District interim superintendent, said.
With assistance from the Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA), the Board of Trustees is exclusively in charge of selecting the new superintendent.
The next step includes the Stakeholder meetings, which will take place Sept. 29.
Harold Fisher, representative of the School Board Association and the man in charge of superintendent searches, will lead the event, conducting interviews and a series of meetings with central office directors, school principals, assistant school principals, instructional staff and community members during the day.
After the Stakeholder meetings have finished, the community forum will begin tonight at 6 p.m. The forum will be held at the Kayla Sue Mize Auditorium in Oxford High School and all members of the community are encouraged to attend.
The Stakeholder meetings and community forum are just the beginning of the search process.
A lot of other work goes into the search, including a board survey, meeting findings from MSBA, the creation of a brochure advertising the position, the collecting, reviewing and screening of all the applications, and of course the ranking of the applications, which are then sent over to the school board so that they can ultimately make the final decision.
The search will open Nov. 14 and close on Dec. 30. The weeks of Jan. 2-13, will be geared specifically toward finalizing applications with checked references, so that the MSBA can interview candidates the week of Jan. 16-20.
After interviewing the candidates, MSBA reports their findings to the Oxford School Board during the week of Jan. 30 — Feb. 3. The Oxford School Board will then interview the candidates during the week of Feb. 13-17, and will finally make an offer to the selected candidate during the week of Feb. 27.
On top of this search process, the district is currently undergoing a huge comprehensive capital improvement program, in which almost all Oxford schools are being refurbished and expanded and a completely new high school is being built.
“We have several construction projects going on right now,” Harvey said, “It’s just busy to begin with, and then when you throw those things on top of it, it gets even busier. But, it’s good. I’ve enjoyed it.”
Harvey said he doesn’t mind all of the work that needs to be done. He said he knows in order to keep Oxford School District as one of the top public school systems in the state, a lot of work needs to be put in.
Harvey said his favorite part of being interim superintendent is the impact he has on the kids attending these schools.
As an Oxford native, Harvey is hopeful that the newly-selected superintendent will lead Oxford School District to its full potential, while still giving the students an enjoyable experience.
The first step to a new adviser has already begun and will continue Thursday, Sept. 29, with the Stakeholder meetings and community forum. The event is free of charge and everyone is encouraged to come and learn more about the Oxford superintendent search for 2011-12.