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OSD announces new superintendent


Whether it’s helping to improve the state test scores in public schools or implementing an after-school tutoring program, newly elected Oxford School District Superintendent Brian Harvey has a lot on his plate. 

Harvey, a native and current resident of Oxford, attended Mississippi College, where he was very active in athletics, and then transferred to the University of Mississippi, where he earned his bachelor of arts in history. 

In 1995, he began to teach history at Oxford Middle School, and he later went on to teach the same subject at Oxford High School. Harvey ended up re-enrolling in the University of Mississippi to earn his master’s in educational leadership. 

Harvey is the father of three children, and his wife is an educator of mathematics at Northwest Community College. 

While serving as superintendent in May 2011, Kim Stasny passed away, and Harvey was asked to serve as the interim superintendent in her position. 

“I was concerned for Kim’s family when I heard the news,” Harvey said. “I knew that she was a great individual, and more than just a superintendent — she was a good friend.”

As soon as he accepted the position, Harvey began assisting in advancing the school distric.

“In Oxford, we have a problem with the achievement gap between minority students and socioeconomically affected students,” he said. “My job as an administrator is to bridge that gap.

“I feel that with academic excellence, all students can achieve.”

When he was first elected interim superintendent, Harvey helped students with their schoolwork by creating the school’s new tutoring program. 

Last year, Oxford had 11 National Merit Scholar students in the school system, but under Harvey’s leadership, the school system expects to see more. 

On March 12, Harvey was asked to become the official superintendent by the Oxford School Board. 

He gladly accepted.

“We have a lot going on right now, and we need Harvey’s help,” Dr. Budd Chain, president of the Oxford School Board, said. “When it comes to high school renovations, Brian is extremely savvy because he knows about construction and planning. He is also knowledgeable of the state’s core curriculum initiative.”

Harvey said he views himself equally to other superintendents.

“I feel good about my position,” he said. “When addressing education, any time you deal with students, you have to give them the basis of decision making, no matter what path they decide to take in life.”

Harvey’s two-year term as superintendent will go into effect on July 1 and his salary has yet to be announced.