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Oscars “Crystallized” once again



Amidst a week of turmoil, controversies, upsets and political decisions made, it’s nice to know that there are bright spots to talk about in this world of ours. 

Take the Oscars, for example. Now granted, usually the Oscars, to me, are right up there with supposedly needed injections from nurses with really long needles. They can be just as painful and just as never-ending. But the exceptions have been the times Billy Crystal hosted the awards show. 

The man is ingenious and extremely funny. So I for one am sincerely glad that the powers-that-be over at Oscar headquarters have seen the error of their ways and have invited Crystal back, even if it was last minute since their first choice seemed to be Eddie Murphy, who dropped out when Brett Ratner resigned as the telecast’s producer. Apparently he withdrew after apologizing for a gay slur he used during a screening of his latest film. 

All this info is courtesy of an article that was published in The Daily Mail and while I’m sure Ratner is some really famous producer who deserves Murphy’s loyalty, it’s a given that I’ve never heard of the man. But who cares, since the end result gets Crystal back.

The last time Crystal hosted was in 2004 and not since then has the show that touts Hollywood’s excellence been even remotely tolerable to me. It takes a special hand at the helm to navigate an audience through sometimes a more than four hour show. Not even celebrities like Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart, or God forbid, this past year’s hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, could come close to the bar that Crystal raised as host of the show. 

Another article on Popwatch explored the possibility that the Oscars were busy these last few years seeking a younger demographic. Let’s be honest here, the show that hands out awards to movies some of the panel of judges probably have never heard of, is not exactly going to draw the Bieber crowd. If that’s what Oscar officials were hoping for, I believe they received their rude awakening. 

The Oscars are a long, drawn out, sometimes boring, show that needs just the right touch to pull it off. The most entertaining moments of the 2011 broadcast had to be Norm Macdonald’s Twitter posts. I pulled up a couple on moviefone.com:

“Hey watching this show raises an interesting question: Is there a writer’s strike or something?”

On Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance: “If you close your eyes and put your hands over your ears she’s pretty good.”

Cheap shots, I know, but at least they broke up the monotony. 

But I think 2012 will be a different story. 

Crystal adds a humor that, while rapier sharp at times, also is delivered in his own inimitable style, one that rarely offends, but is shoulder-shaking as well. If all the reports, ratings statistics and predictions are correct, I’m not the only one that thinks Crystal’s return to the show is a plus, so kudos to the Oscars for finally getting the right host again. 

Try locking him into a lifetime contract this time and meanwhile, we’ll all plan our own Oscar party on Feb. 26, 2012.


Angela Rogalski is a senior print journalism major who lives in Abbeville. Follow her on Twitter @abbeangel.