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Offense prepares for Auburn defense, Johnson trying to improve

As Saturday's contest with the Auburn Tigers grows near, the Ole Miss offense is looking for ways they can put the Rebels in position to snap their 16-game SEC losing streak. Sophomore defensive end C.J. Johnson also looks for ways to make more of an impact for the Rebels.
Tyler Jackson/The Daily Mississippian

Ole Miss isn’t sure what to expect from Auburn offensively on Saturday, but co-offensive coordinator Dan Werner knows exactly to expect when the Rebels’ offense takes the field Saturday against Auburn’s defense. 
“They’re really good on defense," Werner. "You look at some of their scores; they’ve only given up a couple touchdowns all year long, so they’re really fast and really physical. It’s going to be a real good test for us.”
Werner is concerned in particular about the Auburn defensive line that has recorded 10 sacks and accumulated a majority of the teams’ 32 quarterback hurries. 
"Their defensive line is definitely their strength as a whole. They’re physical," he said. "Their two defensive ends are 250 pounds, but can really run. The two inside guys are big, 320 pounders who are really physical. They just haven’t given up a whole lot of yards or a whole lot of points.”
Overall, he expects the Rebels to ready to play and Saturday and says that there shouldn’t be a hangover from last weeks close loss to Texas A&M. 
"As coaches, it’s tough for us too, but we talked about it as a staff and we’ve got forget about what happened," Werner said. "Just like when we win, we can’t rest on that. When we lose, we’ve got to move on too. Our motto so to speak earlier in the year was ‘We can’t let somebody beat us twice.’ That week is over; we’ve got to bounce back and win us a game this week.”
Baylee Wallace Update
After practice on Wednesday, Freeze had good news on Baylee Wallace, the younger sister of sophomore quarterback Bo Wallace, who suffered a broken neck in a car accident on Monday night.
He said that her “surgery was a long, six hours,” but that the news afterwards was good. 
“They thought they were going to have to go in both front and back," Freeze said. "They did not, which was good. It’ll be a long recovery, but they feel very good about everything being a full recovery. Feel very blessed, and thank God that it’s not worse than it is.
“I think it’s three months (with) no (neck) movement, and then hopefully from that point forward, everything will start moving fast to full recovery.”
Johnson Working on His Game
Sophomore defensive end C.J. Johnson has been disappointed in his play so far this year. He has 31 tackles on the season, but only one sack and two quarterback hurries. 
“I’ve underachieved big time," Johnson said. "I know there’s a couple things that I’ve got to keep working on. They’re going to try to do a lot of chipping, so I’m going to try and prepare for that.” 
Even in the midst of the season, he’s doing whatever he can to try and improve his play. 
“Mainly (working on) my get off and adding some new moves; reading tackle sets a little bit better and sometimes rushing level at the quarterback, instead of getting pushed past the quarterback,” Johnson said. 
Injury Notes
Outside of a couple injuries, the Rebels are healthy for the most part heading into Saturday’s game. 
Freshman offensive lineman Justin Bell missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday after suffering an injury to his lower back in the weight room.
“He’ll be ok,” Freeze said. “I just don’t know if he’ll be ready for Saturday.”
Junior wide receiver Korvic Neat continues to practice as he works his way back from a groin injury. Freeze said the receiver was about “85 percent” healthy after practice, and that “he’ll try to go” Saturday. 
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