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Nutt talks quarterbacks, new mindset at Ole Miss media day

Head football coach Huston Nutt talks Rebels Football at Media Day.
Petre Thomas

After spending a few days talking about the freshmen, Ole Miss head football coach Huston Nutt opened up about the three-way quarterback battle.

Nutt said he hoped the battle between sophomore Barry Brunetti and juniors Randall Mackey and Zack Stoudt would be settled in the next week or two.

"What we are hopefully going to do is get this thing situated here within the next 10 to 12 days, but we just can't put a time table on it," Nutt said of the quarterback battle. "We have to do it when we know that's the right guy.

It will take a couple of scrimmages — maybe three — but it is going to be interesting."

Nutt said one of new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach David Lee's first tasks will be making sure whoever wins the job at quarterback is ready for the season.

"That is David Lee's biggest, biggest chore, making sure that guy gets enough reps to take control of this football team here in just 30-something days," Nutt said.


Much of the attention after two days of camp has gone to the talented freshman who have impressed so far, and Nutt again raved about the young players, especially wide receiver/defensive back Nickolas Brassell.

“I really hadn’t seen that speed really since Mike Wallace," Nutt said of Brassell. "The first time he ran a post, he was a blur and he knows how to separate.

"To add to that, I’ve never seen a guy go flip it and go play corner. He is going to play a lot of football for us, you can go ahead and mark that down”

In addition to the players on the field, a point of emphasis in the off-season has been accountability among both the coaches and players after a rough 2010 season.

“It all started back in January,” Nutt said. “We went back to square one. It wasn’t fun last year; we didn’t have fun last year.

Nutt said the mindset this year has to be different.

"You have to change, so the thing we wanted them to understand is that if you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it," Nutt said. "We live in a world where it says, when I see it, I’ll believe it. That is what some of y’all may say and understand that after going 4-8, but we have to think differently.”