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Nunnelee and Morris Square off

Democratic challenger Brad Morris and Republican U.S. Rep. Alan nunnelee faced off in the debate for Mississippi’s 1st congressional district representative.

Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee defended attacks on Congress and continued his campaign to repeal “Obamacare” Thursday in a debate with the Democratic challenger Brad Morris at The University of Mississippi’s Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics.
The candidates were questioned by a panel of local journalists including Emily
Le Coz of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Jon Scott of the Oxford Eagle,
Sandra Knispel of Mississippi Public Broadcasting and Jennifer Nassar of The Daily Mississippian.
“I’m not going to try to defend Congress,” the Tupelo native said in response to the assertion that Congress was less popular than both Paris Hilton and the IRS.
Morris, who spent most of the night reminding the crowd of Nunnelee’s record, said blaming Congress is too easy.
“I’m willing to work with anybody anywhere to get things done for North Mississippi,” Morris said.
Both candidates played it close to the party’s vest when talk of the budget came into play Nunnelee said he didn’t want to raise taxes, and Morris played in favor of the “Warren Buffett rule.”
“We’re spending 42 cents out of every dollar we spend to borrow money,” Nunnelee said. “We cannot sustain that. The problem isn’t
that our taxes aren’t high enough. The problem is Washington continues to spend way too much on every dollar to borrow money.”
Morris said he was in favor of allowing (former president George W.) Bush’s tax breaks on people earning more than $250,000 per year.
Nunnelee promoted his stance against the Affordable Health Care Act, an issue that has appeared to be his main focus after he held a Town Hall in Oxford in 2011 where he took questions on healthcare.
“I voted to repeal Obamacare, that’s progress,” he said.
Morris admitted he wasn’t in favor of the act either, but didn’t completely throw it under the bus.
“The easy political thing for me to do is say I’m against it and throw it under the bus,” Morris said.
“But it’s the only real effort at health care reform in my lifetime and I’m not willing to go back to doing nothing.”
Both candidates agreed on several issues throughout the night, including illegal immigration and the district and nation’s most important need: job growth.
The first-term congressman defeated incumbent Travis Childers two years ago. Morris, a small business owner served as the chief of staff and senior advisor to Childers.
Nunnelee and Morris are joined on the Nov. 6 ticket with the Constitution Party’s Jim Bourland of Columbus, Libertarian Danny Bedwell of Columbus and the Reform Party’s Chris Potts.