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New off-campus cottage housing to be available for students

Construction will begin soon on a $36 million off-campus, collegiate housing community a mile west of the University of Mississippi campus. With the steady influx of new students, this “cottage-style” community will provide more housing options to those looking for residence in Oxford.

The construction, expected to be finished by Fall 2013, will consist of 160 residential homes with 668 beds. Each cottage will feature a private bathroom for each bedroom, high-speed Internet/cable and appliances, along with other amenities like a multi-tiered swimming pool, fitness center, tanning beds and sand volleyball.

EdR has made agreements with Landmark Properties to develop, own and manage the housing community. EdR will be the 70 percent majority owner and will manage the community. Landmark Properties is developing and constructing the housing, which will be owned jointly by the two companies.

The need for more student housing correlates with the rise in student enrollment. The Fall 2011 enrollment of 16,586 was the largest in the Oxford campus’ history and represents a 7 percent increase over the Fall 2010 enrollment. Since 2000, overall enrollment at Ole Miss has increased by 45 percent, representing an average annual increase of approximately 475 students.

Based on previous enrollment statistics and trends, EdR expects enrollment growth of approximately 4 percent for the next few years. This growth rate would increase enrollment by more than 1,560 students when this community is completed in Fall 2013, which would create the need for more affordable housing for students.

Hospitality management senior Hayley Hylander agreed that affordable housing is important.
“As a student with student loans paying for school, I’ve had to budget how to spend my money,” Hylander said. “The largest chunk is paying for housing. With more students coming in, we definitely need more options – affordable options.”

However, some students feel Oxford has enough affordable housing and that students simply do not take advantage of them.

“The DM usually has affordable listings,” said Julia Howard, insurance and risk management senior. “The Connection, Campus Creek, University Trails, etc., (are) all affordable in my opinion. Most college kids just need to realize it’s more realistic for them to live in an apartment for cheap than a house.”

Howard said when looking for affordable housing in Oxford, it’s really “word of mouth” that helps students find housing. Also, many students are turning to websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find housing or roommates.

“I wouldn’t say there’s more housing that needs to be built, but the university should have planned better about kicking everyone off campus but freshmen,” Howard said. “That is what the main problem is.”