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Letter to the Editor

Letter from an alum in reference to the election disturbance

Dear Editor,

I would like to say that the events of last week with the race riots and racial slurs spoken in response to the re-election of President Barack Obama were a painful reminder of one thing: Racism still exist.  I know, being a native Mississippian, that racism still exist there, but for it to happen at Ole Miss is just downright sickening.
For those who do not like the results, I say to you that you have to accept what God’s will is.  When you look at the list of U.S. Presidents from now until the end of time, you will forever see a black face (even if not another African-American is elected to office).  The White House could not stay “lily-white” forever.  It’s time to put an end to racism.
I think I speak for the majority of UM alumni when I say that this incident was sickening as well as appalling.  I feel sorry for the parents and potential students who are considering Ole Miss, but may have changed their minds. But I say this:  Do NOT allow the cowardice actions of a few misguided people diminish the light of UM. Ole Miss is a great university with great professors and great people.  I pray that all UM students (past, present, & future) can put this ugly incident behind us and press on to the brighter days ahead. Thank you!!

Keith Hughes
UM Class of 2003