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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Enough is ENOUGH!
Due to recent episodes of racial harassment that have occurred on the University of Mississippi campus, the image being portrayed of a campus united is beginning to unravel. These events are very troubling and they reinforce the negative perceptions that many nationally (and in the wake of recent events, internationally) have of the University of Mississippi.
Although a candlelight ceremony was held as a response in an attempt to show unity in the face of hate, this does not address the systemic racist atmosphere that causes these events to happen on this campus. In fact, it seems as if the Candlelight vigil has been co-opted by the University’s administration in order to sweep this “incident” under the rug. This reduces the vigil to a “Band-Aid” that has been used to cover up our gaping wound.  If we do not address the major racial issues that exist on this campus, then we will remain, a campus divided.
In an effort to seek redress for these systemic acts of racial harassment, the Afrikan Activist Student Alliance is coming together to ensure that these serious actions do NOT go unpunished and to see that no student regardless of race be susceptible to fear or harm from other students, staff or faculty members at this University.  The Afrikan Activist Student Alliance will be conducting a general interest meeting on Thursday, November 15th 2012 at 5:30 PM in Room 112 of Bishop Hall.  In the meeting, discussions on the past incidents will be held so that they can be put into the larger context of racialized divisions on this campus, and so that we might strategize for ways that we as a University community can make positive change.  

Tasmeka Woods
Criminal Justice Major
President, Afrikan Activist Student Alliance