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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Sometimes policy problems can be resolved at a low cost, sometimes installing a stop light could go far in making our lives safer. I’ve seen countless accidents at the intersection between Thacker Heights Drive and Highway 6, near Waller Funeral Home. The intersection is the only access to the city of four major neighborhoods, so heavy traffic enters the ramp into an equally heavily trafficked highway. People are distracted and don’t expect other motorists to stop at the yield sign, and thus rear-end.
Recently a large SUV ran over my motorcycle. I could have easily died. After standing up unharmed I looked at the funeral home just in front of my wrecked bike and thought ‘how convenient’.
I don’t have statistics at hand, but I am not the only one who has received damage there. Personally, I had three accidents at the intersection.  My neighbor also had three accidents. Employees of the nearby gas station told me they saw up to six accidents in one day. Same place, same dynamic: a distracted motorist rear ended at the yield sign.
Something as simple as installing a stop light could go far in preventing motorists from running over each other. It could go far in protecting our properties. When it comes to cyclists or motorcyclists like me, it could save our lives. I love support businesses in Oxford. However, I hope not to support the funeral home anytime soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Christian Sellar
Assistant Professor
Department of Public Policy Leadership