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Letter to the Editor

Integration…..not for us!
Are we fully integrated? A few weeks ago was the celebration of 50 years of integration at The University of Mississippi. We were unable to attend all of the events and were pleased to hear about the documentary that captured all of the activities of the week. As African American students we felt especially connected to the celebration and looked forward to experiencing it via the documentary published on the Ole Miss homepage. When we went to view the documentary however, we realized just how far we still have to go to be FULLY integrated. You see, we are not only African American students, we are Deaf African American students and because the documentary was not captioned we were unable to access the information. We feel like the administration of this university by publishing the documentary without captioning is saying, ”we value and accept you as an African American student but not as a Deaf student”. Unfortunately this is not an isolated event. The free movies shown in Turner are not captioned, as well as, videos used by instructors in the classroom. This incident just seemed particularly glaring…..while the university is shouting from the roof tops “We are integrated”, those shouts are not being heard by all!

Tina Williams, Sophomore
Occupational Therapy Major

LaTonya Campbell, Senior
Art Major