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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

After reading Andrew Dickson’s column on Larry Taunton’s talk at First Baptist Church, I was struck by his inaccuracy and agenda. I was at the presentation by Mr. Taunton but after reading Dickson’s piece, I wondered if we had heard the same sermon.
Andrew’s column was interesting, but I would compare it to an undergrad sitting through half of his first class with a professor and attempting to write a 4000-word review of the entire course. He missed many of the main points, or chose not to mention them.
One point being that in the Bible, (the most widely published and studied book in the history of mankind) the Apostle Paul wrote that all around him in the “Roman Empire” mankind had turned from God. They had chosen lives of selfishness, self-love and self-worship with disastrous results. Paul wrote these words about 1,950 years ago. Taunton proposed that the Bible and its wisdom are as vital to the salvation of mankind today (or more so) as it was in the year 70 A.D. when Paul wrote his letters.
Taunton’s other point was that true Christians must continue to spread the word that Jesus Christ is the only real answer to mankind’s problems, namely—sin, sorrow and death.
I would like to invite Andrew back to First Baptist Church next semester so that he might finish the course that he began last Sunday. I would also invite him to read the Bible. It’s not just a book. It’s a roaring lion of truth that has changed millions of lives. It’s far from its “twilight of ideals.” It may be the end of our “American Empire”, but the message of Jesus will still be here when Andrew and I are both long, long gone.

Scott Kendricks