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Football Notebook: Preparing for Louisiana Tech

Petre Thomas/The Daily Mississippian


Rebels prepare for an explosive Louisiana Tech offense

As Ole Miss prepares for Saturday night’s game in Oxford against Louisiana Tech, Ole Miss defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix is preparing for a very good Bulldog offense that ranks 48th in the country in points per game and averages just under 400-yards of total offense per game.

“They run a no-huddle, fast tempo offense. They are playing two quarterbacks that are having a heck of a year. One is a true freshman (Nick Isham), the other kid (Colby Cameron) is a junior. I think the junior is actually playing better right now,” Nix said. “They’re on a four game winning streak, and we may be playing the best receiver we’ve seen all year. So we’ll have to tackle well, and we’re going to have to play well.”

In addition to the Bulldogs passing game, Louisiana Tech also has a senior running back in Lennon Creer that is very good and could cause issues for an Ole Miss defense that has struggled against the run.

Nix said that Louisiana Tech “has an outstanding running back (Creer) that transferred from Tennessee that runs between the tackles and can beat you outside with his speed.”

Brassell won’t start, but will be available, Mosley questionable for Saturday

After Tuesday’s practice, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt said that freshman wide receiver/defensive back would not start in Saturday’s game against Lousiana Tech due to missing Sunday’s practice, but that he would be available to play.

Brassell and junior tight end Jamal Mosley, who is roommates with Brassell, discovered that their apartment had been broken into when the team returned from Kentucky this past weekend.

“Him and (Jamal) Mosley, they got their house broken into, got a lot of things stolen. What we try to teach them though is you handle it, you handle it face on,” Nutt said. “We reported it to the police. That doesn’t mean you can miss Sunday, and he missed Sunday. He’ll pay for that, and he’ll be ready to go.”

Nutt also announced that Mosley, who hasn’t practiced this week, has a knee injury and his status for Saturday’s game is up in the air.

“He’s got probably pretty close to a torn meniscus, but I think he is getting a little bit more range of motion, so I’m hoping he’ll be available by Saturday but we’re not sure,” Nutt said. “Right now we’ll say Ferbia (Allen) will start and then Layton Jones behind him and we’ll see how much he (Mosley) progresses here in the next two days.”