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The enemy is on our side of the border


For many people in different countries, the United States will always be seen in a positive light. 

Because of this, illegal immigration will definitely be a touchy policy discussed in not only the 2012 election, but for many elections to come, national and local alike. 

The tug of war has always been to add more barbwire to our borders or to let them roam free. Mississippi decided to enforce a law that allows police to jail and eventually deport anyone who cannot prove they are a U.S. citizen. 

The many who agree with stricter immigration laws support the cause by stating problems like the job market and drug trafficking. They are correct in those statements; however, there is a twist in each one. 

Yes, the drug war is a problem, but there are plenty of fully-fledged Americans handling that industry. Yes, illegal aliens are taking jobs Americans either do not want because of personal pride or cannot receive due to lack of funds in a company. 

What these supporters fail to do is try to see immigrants’ lives from their eyes and figure out why illegals work so hard. Today, many would probably say that they have been in that situation because the recession takes a toll on us all. 

Yet, to live in a crumbling shack with little money and to take care of the family surrounded by danger is something few Americans have lived through. If many of us did, then there would not be any jobs for illegal immigrants to take. 

The reason why they work so hard for so little is because they know what it feels like to literally have nothing. 

That is the story of many people who jump the border. For them, immigration laws take away the right to see their children grow up in peace or to see their family happy, thus they believe that it should not exist. 

They are not right because those policies can be used to help them once we realize that we have been calling the wrong side the enemy. 

Something should be done to stop the employers who are preventing immigrants to fulfill the true American dream. They are cheating to keep their money and to keep their companies afloat by paying illegals way below minimum wage and under the table.  

That is slavery, which should not exist with what this country stands for. Along with that, we should help these people who want to become citizens. 

Citizens might not agree with that because it would be more money from us, but yet again, we lack perspective.     

On the first day of a foreign language class, when a person speaks nothing but an unfamiliar language, the expressions on our faces state, “What in the world is this person speaking?” 

Yet we complain when someone is struggling to learn the hardest language in the world: English. Funny thing is when they do finally learn English, they did something that most cannot do: learn English as a second language. 

Also, the citizenship test is harder than we realize it is. 

I took it in one of my classes three times before I actually passed and English is my native tongue.  

The reason why these people move here is not a bad reason at all. Ever since our forefathers claimed the U.S., this land has always been a place for people to declare their freedom. 

It happened to the Pilgrims when they escaped the chokeholds of oppression just because of their religion, to the African Americans after they claimed their right to live equally among other races in the Civil Rights Movement and to the women who can now dream of becoming whomever they want to be thanks to womens rights. 

Whoever was a minority in one country due to sex, religion, race and ethnicity came to America and attained a better future for generations. 

Every one of us comes from someone who went on the journey. 

Everyone else should have that same opportunity.


Jonece Dunigan is a sophomore journalism major from Canton, Miss. Follow her on Twitter @JoneceD.