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Effective leaders, we’ve got ‘em



Leadership is the key to what makes a group of people successful. 

Without effective leadership, the group is bound for failure. An effective leader must power through adversity to make the group as successful as possible. Ole Miss is going through tough times right now. We will get through it if not for one reason: we have very capable leaders that know exactly what they are doing.

Forward Rebels attacks Chancellor Dan Jones constantly for various reasons. 

They slam him for not effectively employing an athletic director that can field winners. They degrade him for how he has handled the mascot situation. What they fail to do is give recognition to what he has accomplished during his stay at Ole Miss. 

Dr. Jones is a man that loves Ole Miss dearly and works harder than anyone knows for the good of our university. Since he has been chancellor, Ole Miss has had more students on campus than it ever has before. The freshman class is the largest in the state and has a higher average ACT score than ever before.

Dr. Jones did what he thought was best for the university in regards to the mascot and in my opinion, the university is a better place for it.

Slightly less powerful, but as equally important a leader to us is Taylor McGraw, Associated Student Body president. In McGraw’s presidential campaign, he promised many things. 

As a true leader should, McGraw has followed through on his promises. Taylor McGraw is one of the most integrity-filled leaders I have ever met, and he is coming through for us significantly. 

A major platform McGraw based his campaign on was better funding for student organizations. Not even a semester into his stint as president, McGraw has gotten any student organization that wanted it better funding. He also promised free scantrons. I picked one up for myself this morning. 

McGraw is in constant communication with Dr. Jones, and they are working together keeping our best interests in mind. Still waiting on those outdoor basketball courts, Taylor, but I’m sure you are working on it.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, many things were looking really bad. FEMA and George Bush seemed to be lacking in their decision-making. Governor Haley Barbour came through for our state in major ways. 

His effective leadership got our state through the Katrina incident. Our “friends” at Forward Rebels are forming our Katrina. I guarantee that Dr. Jones will get us through this, and he will defeat Forward Rebels.

With effective leadership comes great opportunity. That opportunity could mean a number of different things for us. 

We may be going through a rough time right now, but we will make it through. We have to trust our leaders instead of shunning them. Under the leadership of Dr. Jones and McGraw, we will make it.


Adam Ganucheau is a sophomore journalism major from Hazlehurst. Follow him on Twitter @GanucheauAdam.