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Don't vote for the Republicans or the Democrats

I mean, vote for them if you believe the veritable issuance of fecal matter coming from either one of the candidates’ mouths. I would hope you wouldn’t, but to each his own.
If you don’t agree with the two major candidates, I beg you to find a candidate with whom you do fully or even mostly agree. One who’s probably not lying about what they’re going to do in office.
In November, I will proudly be voting for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate. Many would say that I am “wasting my vote.” Fine, say that, but I’m going to tell you you’re completely wrong about that. As little as individual votes can actually make a difference, I argue that your vote is only wasted if you vote for a candidate who doesn’t embody the ideals by which you believe the nation should be governed.
I hear endless complaints about how the two-party system is broken and that we need to replace it, but it’s just so entirely impossible! But it’s not. People should vote for the candidates that they think will do the best job running the country, not just the ones who will do it less badly than another candidate.
Voting against a candidate is one of the stupidest things anyone could aspire to. The train of thought that goes “I really hate this one politician from a major party, I think I’ll vote for the other guy!” is one that I refuse to buy a ticket on.
Neither Obama nor Romney are going to stop meddling in other countries’ affairs. Neither Obama nor Romney will ensure human rights are respected when dealing with captured enemies. Obama said he was going to deal with Guantanamo last time he ran for President, and look where we are now. (Not that he doesn’t want to get it done still, but he hasn’t.) Romney doesn’t even want to end Guantanamo. Neither are going to end the drug war, which resulted in a revolting number of deaths of innocent people and dogs. (Really, if you don’t believe me, start reading Radley Balko. You’ll read about more puppycides as a result of the drug war then you ever thought imaginable.)
I could continue to show how these candidates are virtually the same, but I’d fill up an entire page, and then my editor would kill me.
I myself am a libertarian. In short, we believe in social tolerance and fiscal responsibility. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, atheist, pot smoker, drunk or teetotaler. You’re a person with rights, and until you try to violate mine, I could not care less what you, as a consenting adult, want to do to yourself in the privacy of your own residence, and I’d like the government to reflect those views. So does Gary Johnson. And it is for that reason that I will be voting for him.
I don’t see why anyone would vote for a candidate just because their family traditionally votes for one party or another. Every election, the ideal responsible voter would go on the Internet and find out which candidate identifies the most with their views. There are websites that will tell you which candidate that is after you answer some questions about your views. One of these is www.ISideWith.com, and it’s pretty dead on. I urge everyone to go on there--your results will either surprise you or only solidify your beliefs in your currently-selected candidate. Maybe you’ll even find out about candidates you didn’t even know were running.
Gary Johnson is doing a Q&A session on reddit.com next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. Please take the time to check out what he says and ask him questions.

Alexandra Williamson is a senior accountancy major from Frisco, Texas. Follow her on Twitter @alyxwi.