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CME Dedicated to Former Governor

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was honored yesterday at the center for manufacturing excellence dedication, stressing his excitement for the future of the facility.
Phillip Waller

The University of Mississippi’s Center for Manufacturing Excellence was dedicated to former Gov. Haley Barbour Thursday, Oct. 18. Barbour conceived the idea for the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) in collaborative efforts with the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher
Learning (IHL).
“This day is a significant day for all of us gathered here. It gives us an opportunity to honor our Ole Miss alumnus,” Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones said.
Jones continued by praising Barbour.
“We honor him for his unmatched contributions to
our state, nation and world,” Jones said.
The CME was established in July 2008 with the goal of providing educational opportunities to Ole Miss undergraduates in the fields of accountancy, engineering and manufacturing.
In the next few years, the CME will consist of 200 undergraduates with about 50
students graduating each year, according to Morris H. Stocks, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs.
“The center is developing students for diverse career
paths,” Stock said. “This program transforms lives for the
betterment of the state of Mississippi,”Junior engineering major
Colin Wattigney spoke to the crowd to express her gratitude.
“My classmates and I are honored to have the opportunity to shape this program,” said the member of the CME student advisory board.
Barbour spoke to the audience at the end of the ceremony.
“I am more grateful than I can express and very happy,”
Barbour said. “Congratulations to Colin and the young
students who are among the first here (CME). Know that we expect a lot from you.” Chancellor Jones expressed his gratitude to the former governor.
“We are most grateful to you for letting us associate your name with The University of Mississippi,” Jones said.
Barbour has high expectations for the future of manufacturing in Mississippi.
“We are doing some very interesting manufacturing in the state,” he said. “Mississippi’s best years are in front of us.”