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Change we should believe in


Ole Miss has been fond of changes lately. Criticism came after banning Colonel Reb, “From Dixie With Love” and the Rebel flags in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Ask any committee member from a historical preservation board or something like it: people do not react well to change.

In general, change is something mankind will probably never learn to fully accept — at least immediately.

But I have a suggestion for a change at Ole Miss that everyone would accept right away. It’s something this university needs in more ways than one: a parking garage.

This is not the ordinary parking column that makes false complaints. This is a column that is using facts to call out the administration and Parking Services. This is also a column to you, the students, urging you not to sit back and accept our terrible parking situation any longer.

Earlier this year, Ole Miss students received an email from Parking Services explaining that the Ford Center parking lot had been closed to commuter drivers. Less than a month later, the lower commuter lot on Gertrude Ford Boulevard was closed to commuter drivers for construction. This past week, one side of Old Taylor Road was blocked off to commuter drivers to create a “walkway” for drivers getting to campus.

All three were very stupid moves, and I have some suggestions for the administration and Parking Services.

Suggestion No. 1: stop blocking parking spots. We all know how hard it is to get a parking spot on campus with all lots open. It’s not only students; I have heard professors complain about the parking too. Closing three of the main lots on one side of campus is just not logical.

Suggestion No. 2: stop avoiding the issue; build a parking garage. Most other SEC schools have parking garages on campus. Not only would students be able to use the garage on a regular basis, but sports fans would have better parking on game days as well. Some argue that a parking garage takes away from campus beauty. Well, put a red brick facade on it and move on — problem solved.

Suggestion No. 3: tell the Cobra security officers who give parking tickets to lighten up. Getting a ticket for parking on a line is a little extreme.

Students pay about $75 for a decal to park on campus. When those students get fined for parking in the only spot possible, something has to give. Going even further, when those students are late to class because there are no spots available, something has to give.

Now, to the students: form groups, write letters or emails to anyone and everyone or send in letters to the editor to The DM. Anything is more than what is being done now. Do not accept the fact that we are getting more parking spots taken away from us on a weekly basis.

With growing attendance numbers and athletic success, there are just too many vehicles on campus to avoid the parking situation any longer. This change would be one that people would look back on with pride. This administration needs to make this change for the university. If there are any cons to building a garage, I certainly cannot think of them. And until I hear them, I’ll be waiting for a change.


Adam Ganucheau is a sophomore journalism major from Hazlehurst. Follow him on Twitter @Ganucheau.