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C Spire launches 4G LTE in Oxford

Mississippi-based C Spire Wireless debuted 4G data services in the Oxford area on Oct. 5.
Phillip Waller

Two weeks ago, C Spire Wireless rolled out 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) data services in 31 Mississippi markets, including Oxford.The company’s launch allows C Spire customers in the Oxford-University community to enjoy signal strength and speed up to 10 times faster than the previous 3G technology.
C Spire customers must own 4G-ready devices to utilize the new service, however. The 4G LTE service is compatible with a number of devices offered on
C Spire’s network, such as the Apple iPhone, the Motorola Photon Q and the Samsung Galaxy S III.
Dave Miller, media relations manager for C Spire Wireless,
said he is pleased with the results of the high-speed networking in Oxford.
“Everyone was shocked at the capabilities of the mobile devices in the Grove over the weekend,” Miller said. “The Internet speeds were remarkable, and calls and texts were going through instantly.”Students on The University of Mississippi campus have also noticed an improvement in wireless coverage.
“I just recently switched to (C Spire) and I was the only one in my dorm who seemed to have service and Internet connection on my iPhone,” freshman
exercise science major Riley Griffith said.
“Also, after I downloaded the newest software (iOS 6) to my iPhone, I noticed even better coverage and faster network connection.”
Oxford city officials are also happy to see an improvement in wireless services offered in the area.
“Introduction of C Spire’s 4G LTE mobile broadband services is good news for the city of Oxford and Lafayette County,” said Jeff Busby, president of the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors. “C Spire is an important and valued corporate partner, and we appreciate their continued investment in our region and in our people.”
C Spire reports that in the city, download speeds average 8.0 Mbps (megabytes per second), while the average upload speed is 5.9 Mbps.
On the Ole Miss campus, the average download speed is 9.2 Mbps, and uploads clock at 5.3 Mbps.Miller said that although the network has improved, C Spire
hopes to establish optimal performance within one year.
“Overall, when you take a blended rate assuming a 30 percent customer loading, which we don’t expect to see until next year, and factor in assumptions for 100 percent of the data sessions to be mobile — not stationary — the average download speed is 6.2 Mbps and the average upload speed
is 4.5 Mbps for Oxford and the Ole Miss campus,” Miller said.