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Bye week gives Wallace an emotional break

Last weekend, Ole Miss got its first Southeastern Conference win of the year, defeating Auburn 41-20, and sophomore quarterback Bo Wallace played a near flawless game. What was more impressive, however, was what Wallace had on his mind the week leading up to the game.

Sophomore quarterback Bo Wallace faced an unimaginably traumatic circumstance going into this past Saturday’s game against Auburn, and he emerged from it with a win and peace of mind. 
Tasked with preparing for Auburn and recovering from a devastating loss to Texas A&M, Wallace was also worrying about his sister Baylee, who suffered a fractured neck in an automobile accident last Monday. 
“She’s good. She got to go home and watch the game from home,” Wallace said following Saturday's contest. “She was texting me the whole time telling me to worry about beating Auburn, so I had to take my mind off of it, and this is just a great way to end an emotional week.”
With his mind focused on the well-being of his sister, Wallace said that it was a struggle keeping his mind on football during preparation time. 
“It happened Monday night, so Tuesday and Wednesday were tough for me, and those are our big preparation days, so it was really tough to just sit there and watch film and be really focused on a defense,” he said. “Thursday, after the surgery went good and everything, I kind of stepped back and just worried about football.”
Hugh Freeze gave more information about the surgery after last Wednesday’s practice.
“They thought they were going to have to go in both front and back. They did not, which was good," Freeze said. "It’ll be a long recovery, but they feel very good about everything being a full recovery. They feel very blessed, and thank God that it’s not worse than it is."
Wallace said his sister’s mindset after her accident made things a little easier for him leading up to the Auburn game. 
“She’s such a huge football fan that I think most of the time she was worried about me and my mindset more than herself,” Wallace said. “So just having her text me and tell me just worry about (Auburn), I could really put in the back of my mind.”
On the field, Wallace had one of his more efficient performances of the season, completing 17 of 22 passes for 226 yards passing, one touchdown and no interceptions.  
The sophomore said he was proud of how well he’d managed to take care of the football, a point of emphasis the last couple of weeks. 
“Even last week before the last interception (against Texas A&M), I thought I’d done a great job of taking care of the ball," he said. "I just have to keep focusing on it, and it’s always in the back of my head now. That’s different from the first couple of games when I was playing.”
Wallace also added two rushing touchdowns and even caught a touchdown pass in the win.
As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the intensity of the game and the week kept Wallace’s celebrating to a minimum. 
“I think the football game really drained me. I was really tired in the fourth quarter,” he said. “Luckily, we got a win and stopped that nasty streak we had going. (I’m) ready for a little bye week, then get ready for Arkansas.”
The bye week comes at a good time for Ole Miss, as the Rebels have a number of players who will use the week to get healthy. It also comes at a good time for Wallace, who will head home for the weekend to see his sister and the rest of his family. 
“(I’m) just really excited to see her, and hope she can move around a little bit,” he said. “(I'm) real excited to see her.”
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